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  • Fast Vessel matching
  • Accurate Vessel Tracking
  • Chartering with confidence
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Digital Transformation of Ship Broker and Chartering Desk Services

AIRIN is a digital transformation of the ship brokerage business. Focusing to stay in close contact with our clients while supporting their growth through the innovation process. Provide convenience for cargo owners to get ships according to their needs, as well as for ship owners to serve cargo. AIRIN digital services can easily be access through the web and AIRIN mobile application.

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Benefit Using Airin

Vessel Owner Open Position

Vessel owners can display and offer their ships according to their capacity and position at the port.

Vessel Monitoring

With AIRIN application, ship owners and cargo owners can monitor business processes and track the position of the ship and its goods in real time

Event Notifications

Receive notification on events for all activities, so you will never miss an opportunities.

Charterer Enquiry

Cargo owners who need vessels can search for vessels that match their capacity and nearest location. This include :

  • Freight charter
  • Time charter
  • Contract of Affreightment

Contract Management

AIRIN will help you to find solution for instant cargo to ship matching, freight trading and contract management